Satchy’s new album, Brown Lotus, out now!

The title Brown Lotus is a metaphor for a few things on this album. It has to do with the idea of finding love and dealing with the complicated and amazing feelings that come with finding love, realizing that love has imperfections like a muddy brown lotus. It has to grow and be taken care of to become its best state like a beautiful pink lotus.

The album title is also a metaphor for the growth of my music as well. All the albums before this record have been about heart break and all the depressing feelings that come with that. The songs were all stripped down with the only instrumentation being two guitars vocals and bass. Brown Lotus is the first album I embraced more instruments like sax and Rhodes, as well as tried to fuse more genres that I love into my music such as rap, jazz, and soul. My music is growing and blossoming but is still rough and gritty like a brown lotus.